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Exposure System
-Continuous Flow

for 96-well HTS plates


In vitro inhalation exposure modules for 96-well HTS plates

The VITROCELL® 96 Exposure System has been specifically designed and engineered to facilitate the research of human cell cultures in direct exposure to airborne substances such as gases, complex mixtures and particles including nanoparticles. The system authentically simulates the conditions of human physiological exposure. Up to 11 dilutions with 8 replicates are used for for exposure to test substances and the 12th insert row for clean air control with 8 replicates.


for 96-well HTS plates


1. Docking Station for Base Module and Exposure Top

The docking station guarantees a hermetic connection of the base module with the aerosol exposure top. The flow rate for each of the 96 inlets is controlled by critical orifices which are connected to a vacuum pump.

2. Quick-lock Dilution Systems

The integrated 12-fold dilution system can be easily separated from the exposure head for cleaning and maitenance.

Performance Qualification

The system was evaluated in a comprehensive performance qualification using combustion cigarette aerols. As a conclusion, the system is fit for purpose.


  • 11 Dilution Steps: 0,5–8 l/min Air

  • Cigarettes: 1R6F

  • Smoking Regime: Health Canada

  • Puff number: 5 Cigarettes à 8 puffs

  • Puff volume: 55 ml

  • Puff duration: 2s

  • Exhaust duration: 8s

Continuous Flow:

  • Assay: Autofluorescence

  • Trapping Liquid: DMSO

  • Trapping Volume: 96-well 60 μL

  • Vitrocell SOP: QMD-70- 39


  • Base module for 96-well HTS plates

  • 12-fold Dilution/Distribution System

  • 12 mass flow controllers for humidified air

  • 11 dilutions @ 8 replicates

  • 1 clean air control @ 8 replicates

  • Electronic heating system for base module and exposure head

  • Exposure head with 96 critical orifices and filter system

  • Climatic Chamber for condensation-free operation if using liquid aerosols

  • Housing with double-doors 

  • Heating systems with two RH/T sensors for temperature monitoring

  • Software for read-out of sensor data to controller

  • Integrated humidification system


VITROCELL 96 Function Principle

VITROCELL 96 Setup and Assembly

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