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VITROCELL ®  Cloud Alpha
Lung on Chip

For 6, 12, 24-well inserts 


Cloud Alpha



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VITROCELL ®  Cloud Alpha 

VITROCELL ® 노출 시스템은 가스, 복잡한 혼합물, 나노입자 및 섬유와 같은 공기 중 물질에 직접 노출되는 박테리아에 대한 연구를 용이하게 하도록 특별히 설계 및 제작되었습니다. 이 시스템은 인간의 생리적 노출 조건을 확실하게 시뮬레이션합니다

VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha AX12 Lung-on-Chip

​세포 배양의 칩 기반 노출  

VITROCELL ®  Cloud Alpha AX12는 클라우드 제품군의 혁신 제품으로 호흡 기능이 있는 세포 배양의 자동 노출에서 큰 도약을 보여줍니다. 매우 효율적인 테스트와 사용 편의성을 결합합니다. 이 개발은 잘 알려져 있고 자주 게시되는 VITROCELL ®  클라우드 형식(6-, 12-, 24- 및 96-웰)을 기반으로 합니다. 그 기능은 올인원 제어 장치로 완전히 자동화된 프로세스를 가능하게 합니다. Air/Liquid Interface에서의 일상적인 실험이 그 어느 때보다 쉬워졌습니다.


용액 및 현탁액의 분무에 적합합니다. 적용 분야는 흡입 약물 스크리닝 및 화학 물질, 나노 입자 및 공기 중 병원균과 같은 흡입 물질의 독성 테스트입니다.

cloud-alpha-AX12 (2).png

Air / Liquid Cultivation and Exposure

A: Direct and controlled ­exposure of test ­atmosphere to cells
B: Cells on ultrathin AX membrane
C: Media below cells


A: Direct and controlled ­exposure of test ­atmosphere to cells
B: Cells on membrane
C: Media below cells

AlveoliX AXLung-on-Chip System


The AXLung-on-Chip System allows in vitro modeling in outmost physiological conditions by replicating the essential key features of the lung microenvironment.

  • Ultrathin, porous, and elastic support for cell growth

  • Breathing motion

  • Air/Liquid Interface

  •  3D tissues (multiple co-cultures)

The combination of the breathing-induced cyclic stretch and the optimized ultrathin cell culture substrate (AX membrane) preserves lung cells’ functionality and phenotype. The technology provides answers to fundamental questions about lung biomechanics and cell biology. Furthermore, it is a powerful tool to recreate healthy, diseased, and personalized in vitro models, which can be implemented in drug development to test molecule efficacy and safety, and in toxicity assessment of e. g. pollutants, chemicals and consumer goods. This will hopefully lead to more animal free product development in the future.

AXLung-on-Chip System components

Aside the AX12, the system is made up of three further components: two pneumatic controllers, AX Breather and AX Exchanger, and the AX Dock which is the interface between these two devices and the AX12.

  • AXBreather: The AXBreather controls the deflection of the micro-diaphragm inside the AX12, recreating the 3D cyclic breathing motion.

  • AXExchanger: The AXExchanger enables a fluid flow for initial chip filling and medium exchange by pneumatically controlling the opening and closing of the valves inside the AX12.

  • AXDock: The AXDock connects the AX12 with the AXBreather and the AX Exchanger creating an air-tight sealing for the pneumatic actuation.

  • AX12: The AX12 is the cell culture consumable and is based on a 96-well plate format. It consists of two chips ­supported by a plate and includes a total of 12 independent wells.

AlveoliX 3D Breathing concept

A nature-inspired concept is used to recreate the breathing motion. The ultrathin AXmembrane (blue) is deflected by applying negative pressure inside the basal chip chamber through an integrated micro-diaphragm (grey).


  • Low nebulization volumes: 300 µl per exposure

  • High deposition efficiency

  • Easy handling with no external air-flow required

  • Air/Liquid Interface exposure

  • Breathing Lung-on-Chip system

  • Porous membrane allowing cell-cell interaction

  • Increased cell sensitivity in physiological conditions

cloud-alpha-AX12 (2).png
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